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We are the company behind a powerful technology platform that Promotes, Sells, and Manages any event, in any venue at any time!!

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To be the global authority in SME event technology, marketing and management. We are passionate about providing the best service we can. Conducting ourselves in a professional manner, we go the extra mile for any customer.

Our Philosophy

We are event partners not vendors. You win…We Win! We care about each one of our clients, their customers and aim to build genuine relationships. We want our clients to be able to deliver the best possible event they can for their customers.

What We offer

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With over 10 years of experience in the industry, our focus has been on providing an event registration service that’s both free and easy to use.

Our cloud-based software can scale as your events do, which means we can expand to meet your needs as you grow. TicketRoll has developed a range of tools suitable for a variety of events – sports, festivals, charity, theatre, music, venue, school, community, corporate hospitality, workshops, leagues, and associations.


At HomeBase Consulting we’ve been delivering services through our service partners in complex, business-critical, and establishment environments for more than 30 years. Our focus is to adapt to support you to meet market developments and changes to prosper in a highly competitive global environment. We understand the challenges of setting up, managing, and operating in a new environment or looking to outsource with different service levels, commercial agreements, and levels of maturity from external providers.


The team at WEBBRICKS has decades of experience working on all aspects of developing the perfect website for the needs of SMEs who are looking to elevate their business.

With years of experience in web and app product creation for start-ups, from concept through to launch, the WEBBRICKS team combines a savvy business approach alongside the tech development aspect, to create a platform for your business that is not only well designed but also business savvy, smart and functional.

Strategic Partner

JME Hospitality is the evolutionary leader in the world of hospitality. The market you represent needs to constantly grow and change, JME is the catalyst your company needs to make the changes in your operation that improve your operation. If you are building a new operation, regardless of size, JME will design to ensure your space is cost-effective, operationally sound, and profitable.

Strategic Partner

Client Focused. Clear Objectives. Winning Results.

SPP is a full-service public affairs, public relations, government affairs, issue management firm based in Columbus, Ohio that is dedicated to achieving winning results for our clients. For nearly twenty years we’ve helped organizations of all sizes change public policy and improve their image.

our Workflow

We are the company behind a powerful technology platform that Promotes, Sells, and Manages any event, in any venue at any time!!


Step 01: Before you start

Someone somewhere has had an idea for an event. They want to bring it to life and they have chosen you to help them do it. That’s great, but you need to get set up for success and that comes from getting some clarity before you move forwards.


Step 02: Getting aligned – syncing up with the customer

By now we will be confident that you have the clarity to move forwards and invest your time in figuring out what the problem is that you have to solve. This means breaking down the idea and the business outcomes above into more tangible assets.


Step 03: Product and Engineering working together

By this step, we have the necessary material to be able to describe the problem you are trying to solve in detail. So, it’s time to map it out and start to bring it all to life.


Step 04: Setting the team up for success

Building teams is essential. They are often the highest cost of an agile product delivery too. Making a small investment at the start here outweighs the cost of a dysfunctional team in the future.


Step 05: Getting started

Now we have to think about how the team will continue to run smoothly. This is about consciously building a culture. Don’t hope that you just get a team with a good culture, be smart about it and make it happen.


Step 06: Doing it all again

Huzzah! you did it!

Get feedback from clients, customers, and the team. Realize that the belief there is always a better way.



Our Testimonials

What People Say About 2JM Media.

"Amazing Services"

"The 2M Team is battle-tested & solution-oriented industry experts, no problem is too hard to tackle and supported by a powerful technology platform."
Steve del Rosario

"Really recommended"

"Buckeye Cruise 4 Cancer is looking forward to and very excited to work together with 2JM Media Group. It is a great and rewarding partnership. We look forward to many more."
Buckeye Cruise 4 Cancer

"The best partner for my business"

“I have worked with Matt and his team for over 15 years and have always had exceptional results on our projects. They are a highly skilled industry-leading team.”
Ben Jarris

"The great strategic partner"
I have worked with Matt across multiple projects over the last 5 years both for his own companies and those who have been fortunate enough to utilize his skills. We are excited to be a strategic partner with Matt and the team at 2JM Media Group. The bleeding-edge technology they will apply to the event industry will be a game-changer.

Darrin Klinger – Founder SPP / AUSA Connect

"Expanded our platform to streamline the business"

I can’t thank the 2JM Team enough for managing all aspects of my platform and social media integration with their nothings a problem approach. I look forward to working with them again and highly recommend their services.
Robyn Amott - Founder - Bless this Mess

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